YEAR: 1991

MAKE:  Porsche

MODEL: 964 Turbo

MILEAGE: 79939km



ENGINE: 3.3L 6 cylinder



WHEELS: 19-inch

TYRES: Continental



The Porsche 964 Turbo, introduced in 1990, represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the iconic 911 Turbo lineage. This high-performance sports car seamlessly blends the classic design elements of the 911 with advanced technology, making it a sought-after gem among automotive enthusiasts.

The 964 Turbo is distinguished by its wide, muscular rear fenders, which house the widened track that enhances stability and grip. Its iconic silhouette is complemented by the distinctive whale tail spoiler, which completes the overall look. The car is fitted with the 3.3-liter, air-cooled, turbocharged flat-six engine with its distinctive turbocharger whine and a robust power output, offering a thrilling ride that combines raw power with the precise handling characteristic of Porsche sports cars.

The interior of the 964 Turbo is a blend of comfort and performance. High-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship define the cabin, creating an environment that caters to the driver’s needs. While the 964 Turbo is undoubtedly a performance-oriented machine, it doesn’t compromise on creature comforts, offering features such as air conditioning and power-adjustable seats.

The car we have on offer is a particularly unique LHD example, as it has been fitted with original 19-inch RUF rims and peddle box, along with a number of upgrades done to the engine as well. With only 79939km on the clock, the car has been meticulously looked after over its lifespan and is ready for its next custodian. Over the years, the 964 Turbo has earned its place as a collectible classic. Its rarity, distinctive styling, and the visceral driving experience it provides contribute to its desirability. As a testament to its enduring appeal, the 964 Turbo has become a sought-after model in the vintage Porsche market.

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