A part of our business with all our international clientele who have been purchasing hassle-free from Moto Village; for years already. Our vehicle inspections are built solely on integrity.  Our aim is simple! Each inspection should be specific enough so that when your vehicle arrives sight unseen for yourself, its exactly what we described, giving you the confidence to buy again.


We have a proven method that works around the world. Our inspections are always carried out personally by our staff or by associates that we have worked with for several years in areas that we are restricted to covering ourselves.

Buying a vehicle online or sight unseen can be a very misleading experience – which in the car world, can ultimately cost you thousands.

From our inspections, expect a high number of close-up photos which detail the good, the bad and the worst parts of a vehicle. Exterior, inside and underneath. The aim is straight forward – to show what we see in great detail – as we know, some creative photos often obscure the truth. We are always looking for originality in paint – and if it has been painted, to what level has it been painted. On the mechanical side, it’s not always possible to have a 100-point checklist, but with a test drive, a great deal can be uncovered. Where needed, it is possible to have a vehicle go through a road worthy testing centre or through a trusted mechanical workshop to detect the smaller details one cannot always identify upon initial inspections. Every marque has its weak points and its always welcomed for our clients to point out particular areas of interest and concerns in advance, so that we can cover those bases too.

Speak to us first, so you get what you think you paid for.