Assisting our clients in purchasing vehicles, is a long-time refined service we offer. There are, of course, various reasons to opt for this service: Vehicle is in a different city to you nationally; Overseas buyer who doesn’t warrant the spend on travelling to see the vehicle; seller upping the price upon hearing a foreign accent because of SA’s weak currency; seller potentially taking advantage of a novice buyer in terms of condition reports of the vehicle or paperwork that should legally be submitted with a sale transaction; buyer not having access or knowledge to our legal system and how it operates with vehicles; transferring of monies to seller from overseas accounts can add multiple distracting reasons to both seller and buyer when dealing direct; local trusted contacts built up over the years in business and assisting with the entire process is always key in the Purchase & Paperwork Facilitation process.


At Moto Village, we have facilitated several hundred Purchase & Paperwork Facilitations for our clients, both on an end-user single transaction to trade clients who purchase vehicles on a regular basis. Our sales teams provide a non-bias detailed account of every vehicle we inspect with a full report as we see it – meaning, if the vehicle has rust, or paint damage or drives badly, we describe what we see and feel. Moto Village acts as your ears and eyes on the ground for peace-of-mind purchasing where you know what you are paying for. After years of refinement, we have a long check list internally that must be ticked off before any monetary transaction can be completed, both from the seller and buyer and which protects both parties. We act for the mutual benefit of both parties, so a seamless transaction can be facilitated with no unwanted or hidden stories down the line. Our office keeps record of all paperwork for your benefit and goes to the length of providing various payment options, traffic department services for registration purposes, insurance options – all the way to delivery in your driveway – even if that means it’s on the other side of the world, as we have assisted hundreds of overseas buyers who have purchased South African vehicles.

Speak to our Moto Village team in the early stages of your purchase…let us know what you are looking for.  It’s not just what one sees online, that is available.