YEAR: 1990

MAKE:   Porsche

MODEL: 944 S2

MILEAGE: 180473km



ENGINE: 2.5L 4 cylinder



WHEELS: 16 inches

TYRES: Dunlop

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Introduced in the early 1980s, the 944 was a departure from Porsche’s traditional rear-engine layout, featuring a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration. This departure from convention was met with scepticism at first, but the 944 quickly proved its worth as an affordable and capable sports car.

Design-wise, the Porsche 944 exudes timeless elegance with its sleek lines and distinctive silhouette. Its pop-up headlights, smooth curves, and balanced proportions give it a classic yet sporty appearance that still turns heads today. Under the hood, the Porsche 944 boasts a punchy 2.5-liter inline-four, known for its robustness and willingness to rev, delivering a thrilling driving experience with ample power and torque across the rev range.

Beyond its performance capabilities, the Porsche 944 also offers practicality and versatility. With its hatchback design, the 944 provides ample cargo space for everyday use, making it a practical choice for both weekend getaways and daily commuting.

The example we have on offer presents beautifully and still looks fresh despite having 180473km on the clock. A lot of the 944’s don’t usually get looked after very well and aren’t maintained properly, leaving very bad examples being available on the market, this is not the case here. The car comes with books and partial service history to substantiate its condition and It is finished in red over black leather interior, making for a classic 944 spec. Its comfortable seating and refined ride quality make it suitable for long-distance journeys, further enhancing its appeal as a true grand tourer.

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