YEAR:   1973

MAKE:   Chevrolet

MODEL: Firenza Can-Am

MILEAGE: 16685km






WHEELS: 13 inches

TYRES: Hercules



The Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am is a remarkable and rare piece of automotive history, known primarily to enthusiasts for its exclusivity and performance pedigree. Produced exclusively in South Africa in the early 1970s, this limited-edition model was born out of the country’s unique racing regulations and a desire to dominate the local motorsport scene. The Firenza Can-Am, also known as the “Little Chev,” was a homologation special, with only around 100 units built to meet the requirements for participation in the South African Saloon Car Championship.

Under the hood, the Firenza Can-Am boasts an American heart – a 5.0-liter (302 cubic inch) V8 engine sourced from Chevrolet’s muscle car lineup. This powerhouse engine, combined with the car’s lightweight design, delivered impressive performance figures for its time. The engine produced a raw, throaty exhaust note that became a signature sound at racetracks across South Africa. Its aggressive power delivery and rear-wheel-drive layout made the Firenza Can-Am a formidable competitor on the racing circuit.

Aesthetically, the Firenza Can-Am was as bold as its performance. The car featured distinctive styling cues, such as its wide wheel arches, front air dam, and prominent rear spoiler, all designed to enhance aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. Inside, the focus was on simplicity and functionality, with minimalistic interiors that prioritized driver engagement. The bucket seats, sporty steering wheel, and straightforward dashboard layout underscored its racing intent. Today, the Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am is a coveted collector’s item, celebrated for its rarity, historical significance, and the unique blend of American muscle and South African ingenuity.

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