YEAR: 1947



MILEAGE: 712 Miles




EXTERIOR COLOR: British Racing Green


WHEELS: 19 Inches

TYRES: Dunlop



The ‘T’ Series of MG has been around for many years and the TC was the first of the MG built post World War II of the 10 000 TCs built, most of them being exported to the USA. The TC was an upgrade in the TB with the same engine size but just putting out a little more power due to its higher compression ratio and the tunability of the engine.

This little singer of MG TC for its age is in a very spritely condition, the British Green paintwork reflects the surroundings. Then the chrome grill surround and headlights reflect at you like a mirror with the contrast of the British Racing Green grill tying into the plush green leather bench seat.

Now that you are seated, you look down to what seems to be a long bonnet hiding the little engine that could put out 40kw in its day and its drive time. Turn the key, pull the starter and it swings into life. Select 1st, release the clutch into a journey of smiles and head-turning looks as you amble along, no you not going to break any speed records, but it has plenty for torque and with the right gearing which it has you will be motoring happy round at 50mph all day with the wind threw your hair

This little investment will be a weekend toy to slow down the hustle of the week and put you in touch with the elements and claim the soul, but don’t take our word for it, rather come in a try it for yourself.

Location – Cape Town

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