Over the years, Moto Village has completed a number of amazing restorations for our clients and ourselves. These have ranged from a body off, full nut and bolt resto’s to just a light tough of paint work. We have over 40 years of experience restoring all types of cars, many of which have now become classics.

The key to our successful resto’s is the team of people we rely on throughout the process. No one shop can complete a resto from start to finish in-house and we understand these dynamics all too well which is why we project manage the entire process and select the best of the best for their niche service. A body shop who paints classic Alfa’s is different to the body shop paints Land Rovers for arguments sake and then when one delves further, we can categorize the level of finish and detail these panel shops produce – a key decider when making the overall package fit our clients budget.

If you’re looking to restore a vehicle, speak to us first so we can best determine your cars needs and then work on a suited budget. Please take a look at some of our work we have completed or are currently busy with…most of which will go up for sale soon.